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Virtual meetings, Virtual Parties, Family Communications

Virtual meetings, Virtual Parties, Family Communications

If by chance anyone doesn’t already have a solution in place and needs one...

Until the end of 2020 we have access for anyone who wants it, business or personal, to this Anymeeting service:

  • Up to 12 people on the screen at one time
  • Up to 30 people in the call at one time (18 listening and seeing a screen but can’t connect by webcam)
  • Can screen share if you want and a lot of other stuff but don’t have to.
  • People attending, other than the host, don’t have to own it – they can join through Chrome

The person or business will have to:

  • Provide company/individual name and address
  • Provide a credit card for the account that will NOT be charged unless after December they want to continue the service

This is being provided through which virtualizes businesses